The Prosecuting Attorney represents the State of Ohio in all felony prosecutions in Greene County. The office is committed to making Greene County a safe community for families and businesses. The Prosecutor is also the legal advisor for county offices, boards and townships.

Criminal Division

The Criminal Division works with local law enforcement partners in the investigation and prosecution of serious crimes in Greene County. We are committed to seeking justice on behalf of those victimized by crime.

Civil Division

The Civil Division serves as legal advisor to:

Juvenile Division

The Juvenile Division is responsible for prosecuting contested felony, misdemeanor and traffic cases involving children under the age of 18-years-old.

Child Support Enforcement Division

The Child Support Enforcement Division works to bring parents into compliance with their child support obligations.

Victim/Witness Division

The Victim/Witness Division provides 24-hour support, information and advocacy for those victimized by felony crime in Greene County.

Michael's House Child Advocacy Center

The Prosecutor is a core member of the Executive Steering Committee for Michael's House, Greene County's Child Advocacy Center. The Prosecutor and his staff, along with the Greene County Sheriff, Greene County Children's Services, Family Solutions, and local law enforcement agencies work cooperatively as a multidisciplinary team to investigate and prosecute offenders who commit acts of sexual and physical abuse against children. Michael's House Child Advocacy Center also works to treat victims of child sexual and physical abuse in Greene County.