Posted on: January 5, 2018

2018 Greene SWCD Tree Sale

The trees are offered as a low cost source of plant materials for wildlife, timber plantings, windbreaks, and other conservation uses. They are available to anyone without restriction. Because of their low cost, we cannot furnish replacements, nor can we mail or deliver the packets. You will be notified by letter as to when and where to pick up your order, normally in the middle of April. Weather conditions at the nurseries will determine when the plants can be dug and shipped. Please pick up your order promptly when notified.

Remember, these plants are 1 to 4 year seedlings or 5 to 6 year transplants and average 8 to 18 inches in height. Most orders will fit in a regular-sized grocery bag. We reserve the right to make alterations in packet content if orders far exceed the supply.

Orders must be received in the District office with payment by March 2, 2018.

Greene SWCD Tree Booklet 2018
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